CA Insurance – an alliance to give you custom built protection for all that’s important to you.

An Alliance of Growing Strength

Custom Accounting has built our success by giving our clients the best advice in every part of their financial life. We have strong alliances in legal affairs and human resources, but in the vital area of insurance we simply hadn’t found anyone we felt was right; too many seem anxious to sell products regardless of the needs of the individual, the farm or the business.

Assurance Before Insurance

We will offer this service to you when we review your needs – or the needs of your business – at our regular client review. There will be no cost to you for a review of your insurance requirements.

To the rest of the world, you are “the other guy”

Sometimes we think about insurance and decide against it… we’ll do it next year or when times are better. We all think, “It won’t happen to me it’ll happen to someone else, to the other guy”. But to everyone else, you are that other guy.

An individual can lose everything, literally everything if bad luck meets bad timing. To see all you worked for, all you planned for gone… through fire or accident or just plain old bad luck must be the most devastating feeling in the world.  Think about what you could lose. Then at least think about getting some insurance… That focus on your insurance needs is what we will offer you in our client review, and it could save you from disaster.

Insurance for just about everything

There are many different insurance products, and of course you can choose different levels of protection. Our trusted insurance broker offers insurances to individuals and to business and gives you the opportunity to create an insurance framework that can guarantee you peace of mind, for life. Here are some popular insurance products, you may find some right for you.

Personal / Domestic Insurance

Insurance is the only way you can truly have peace of mind, knowing that no matter what happens to you, your family will be okay. It may be one of the most selfless acts you will ever do, buying insurance for yourself, for your family’s financial security.

But personal insurance is only one of a number of products that might secure your future:

  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Home and Contents
  • Farm
  • Travel Insurance
  • Private Collections
  • Boat/Yacht Insurance

Business Insurance

Your business or your farm must have certain insurances in place: Public Liability insurance and Workers Compensation. Workers Comp especially is a large cost to many businesses and there are legislation and processes to follow which can have great financial impact if they are not well understood.

Here are the insurance products that can be custom built for your business:

  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation/ Personal Accident Insurance.
  • Property/Theft insurance
  • Glass
  • Motor Insurance
  • Business Interruption
  • Management Liability
  • Mobile Property (Tools, equipment)
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Money
  • Machinery and Electronic Breakdown
  • Transit
  • Mobile Plant Equipment
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Buy/Sell Insurance

If you think that Insurance can be of help to you, mention it to us and we will organise a meeting. But rest assured, we will make certain you at least think about insurance at our next meeting.