Our Community

We want to make a difference, anywhere we can, anyway we can.

Our Community is broad and diverse and there are many things that need to be done and many great and worthy causes. CA as a business does what it can in word, in deed and financially and we encourage all the team to lend a hand, donate their expertise or simply do something good for someone who needs a little help.
We especially like to donate our skills in the accounting and financial fields to charitable organisations because often that is an area that gets little focus, yet – just as with an individual – a charity that uses, manages and structures its money wisely will do far more good, long term.
Here are some of the people, the causes and the organisations we have helped – they all mean something special to us…

Australian Philanthropic Services

We give our time, energy and expertise to this wonderful organisation, headed by Chris Cuffe.

Their aim is simple: to help Australian individuals, businesses and organisations make the most of their giving. We think that this is a smart and strategic way to make a difference – at the very heart of philanthropy.

Mostyn Family Foundation

We donate our services and our time to help the good works being done by the Mostyn Family and in so doing have helped guide the foundation to support The Harden District Education Foundation which gives financial support to needy individuals who wish to pursue tertiary education but could not do so without assistance.

The Harden District Education Foundation

We too support the Harden Foundation and we are told we have helped change lives by doing so.

General Peter Cosgrove

Sometimes giving to charity can be a very smart thing to do. A Speech by General Cosgrove was an auction item at a charity night we attended. And although when it came to “claim” our Prize the General realised it would require him to travel many hundreds of kilometres, he was delighted to fulfil his part of the bargain. The result was a wonderful lunch and an even better talk by General Cosgrove that the close knit Cootamundra business community found incredibly informative and entertaining.

ASX Thomson Reuters

Here again we are happy to donate half of the total hours required, to help make this Charity Foundation run effectively and profitably. The aims of the foundation are to help Australian–based children’s, disability and medical research charities by organising fundraising events in conjunction with the Financial Markets. To date over $22 million has been raised since 1999.